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Wines by Aussies, for Aussies…now in the USA!

Wines by Aussies, for Aussies…now in the USA!

Saturday, February 2nd | 12-4pm | In-Store

We’ve been beating the “Australian wine is on the rise” drum for a while now, and for good reason…the USA has seen a massive influx of quality wines from all over Australia. The personalities are unique, the blends are creative, and the prices are fantastic. 

But don’t take it from us. Gordon Little, who will be on hand to pour and speak about these wines, has the following to say:
“The wines in our portfolio were crafted for the Australian market. They’re not mass production wines made to fit a foreign dynamic or a reviewer’s palate. In most cases fewer than 1,000 cases were produced. They are wines that Aussies drink at home and at restaurants…We feel that the best sort of wine – no matter where it’s from – is one that imbues you with a feeling for the land, the winemaker’s style and the local palate. And that’s what we hope these Australian wines give to you.”

Take a drive and see for yourself!