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This "aia" Math Totally Adds Up!!!

The 3 big "aia" wines from Tuscany are the benchmark wines that many other producers to equal (or rival) in quality. The wines referenced here are: Sassicaia, Ornellaia and Solaia. Each of these noble Tuscan red wines can compete with the finest reds from around the world. In being such benchmark wines they carry significant price tags as well (with prices running between $200-$300 per bottle).

I was fortunate enough to meet Marco Bacci here in Scarsdale a month ago and he and I spoke of his "aia" wine and how it is still a TOTAL STEAL in the marketplace considering the quality of the wine and the modest price tag that it carries. I am here to put the new-release Corbaia in perspective with the other 2008 "aia" wines and you will see this is a SLAM DUNK.

Corbaia Review from Wine Advocate

How the Corbaia measures up!

This is the first offer on the pre-arrival of this incredible value. I can't seem to find it available anywhere else out there so you can be one of the first kids on the block locking in on this wine. Wine will arrive early Spring 2013 and as supplies will be limited it will be allocated on a first come...first served basis.