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 Baby Cristal? The price is right!!!

Baby Cristal? The Price is Right!!!

In the Champagne report by Antonio Galloni published on erobertparker.com on Saturday there were plenty of standout wines.

Here is one that you might have missed and clearly should not!!!

The 2006 Louis Roederer Brut received the below amazing review from Antonio Galloni:


Roederer fans will find plenty of delicious wines in this lineup. Best of all, many of the best wines this year won't break the bank...

Now many people have come to call this wine Baby Cristal, which is not far from the truth. With a similar blend and based on estate vineyards the Brut 2006 is a great glass of Champagne that holds true to form in the Louis Roederer style. Since this wine is such a standout in the 2006 vintage it really does make it an easy choice when presented with Louis Roederer Brut 2006 or Cristal 2005. Both wines have 93 point reviews from the Wine Advocate's Antonio Galloni but only one of them retails for well under $200 per bottle. That is of course the Louis Roederer Brut 2006 that is just $80 per bottle.

Chin, Chin,