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Big Score for Zachys' Good Friend Dan Goldfield's Wine 

Big Score for Zachys' Good Friend Dan Goldfield's Wine

2010 was a banner vintage for Dutton-Goldfield Winery of Sonoma County. Steve Dutton's family has been producing wine from Russian River Valley fruit for generations. Their cool-climate vineyards were once viewed as incapable of growing quality fruit by their contemporaries in the 1960s. But they persevered and, with the help of winemaker Dan Goldfield, are known today for crafting some of the most beautiful, elegant wines from Burgundy varietals in the New World. And as if to further cement their status as a premier winery, a cool-weather 2010 saw wonderful things from Rued Vineyard, located in the Green Valley of Russian River Valley:

WE Dutton 

From the vine to the bottle, this wine is beautifully made, incorporating every tiny detail needed to mark the difference between a good wine and a great wine. One would be very hard-pressed to find wine of this quality anywhere, nevermind at this pricepoint.

Here is proof that good things come to those who wait...or, in my case, those who pester until they finally get their way! We've secured a small allocation of this wine, but given the tremendous press, it is not expected to last long at all.