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Shocking Value on Italian Red

Barbera is one of my favorite "weeknight" red wines. It's versatile, pairs well with a wide range of foods, and rarely needs to see any time in the cellar. The grape itself is hardy and maintains its high level of acidity in just about any climate, and because of the relative ease with which it grows, you always get a consistently good-to-great product without spending too much money.

One would expect the level of quality to go up as the price goes up. That's just the nature of how economics works, and that's what we've come to expect. So what happens when a superior product bucks that trend and can be had for a ridiculously low price?

Everybody wins, that's what.


This is EXACTLY why I love Barbera. Excellent, highly regarded wine like this can be had for a song, and we're happy to offer it out for just $10.50.

I'm already on the bandwagon, and there's plenty of room…so hop on!