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1st Five of Top 100 

1st Five of Top 100

The first five wines of the Wine Spectator Top 100 are out!

These are #10 to #6 and we have three of them!


Really we had four but the Beringer Reserve is long sold out.

So from the Bellavista Malbec to the Ciacci Brunello and of course Leoville Barton we have you covered.

But you need to act fast as in most cases we only have a 100 or so bottles to offer.

Wine Spectator Top 100 Update!!!

Gotta say we saw most of these coming...sorry to say we told you so!!!

At #5 is the Guiraud Sauternes 2009 which has landed in the Top 10 before and we should have expected this one, but did not. Luckily we have a nice allocation of half bottles and bottles on the way.

At #4 is the legendary Chateauneuf du Pape Clos des Papes 2010 - been sold out at Zachys for over a week.

At #3 is one of Australia's greatest wines the Bella's Garden by Two Hands - offered to you last week as we had a hunch this was coming. Here don't worry we positioned very well and have plenty to offer at last week's price of $69!

At #2 is one of the best values of the Rhone the Chateau de St.-Cosme Gigondas 2010 - been sold out at Zachys for over a month!


So there it is. The Wine of the Year is slated for release tomorrow and we will see what it is. In the meantime make sure to grab the two gems that we have to offer right now before it is too late. We will do our best to track down some more Clos des Papes and St. Cosme but for now, you better act fast to secure the Guiraud and Two Hands.

Chin Chin