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Gentlemen of Champagne

Charles Heidsieck is one Champagne House that I have always adored. The quality of this house is top notch. However, the wines of Charles Heidsieck in the USA have always played second fiddle to the larger big brother Piper Heidsieck. But the quality and attention to detail starts and ends at Charles Heidsieck. To me Charles Heidsieck is the under stated gentlemen of Champagne. Classy and refined. Soft spoken yet worldly. In a world a “class” onto his own. These are great Champagnes and the new look and package only add to the classy nature of Charles Heidsieck.

Lastly I must point out that the 1995 Blanc de Millenaires is by far the finest value of an aged Champagne that is currently available in the market today.

Chin, Chin,