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Rhone's 2010 Vintage—Greatest Ever

"Simply put, the 2010 vintage reaches new heights in a region that has already been on an impressive roll." Wine Spectator 11/12.

The November issue of the Wine Spectator just arrived—the Rhone issue.

We have been waiting for this issue to see the Wine Spectator finally weigh in on just how great the 2010 Rhone vintage really is.

The wait is over. Wine Spectator is praising the Rhone Valley North and South giving the entire valley overall 98 points!

"With the 2010 vintage, the Rhone Valley hits a rare high in both north and south." Wine Spectator 11/12.

"Based on this overview, I give both the Southern and Northern Rhone a classic rating of 98 points on Wine Spectator's 100-point scale in the 2010 vintage. Since I began covering the region in 2004, I have not tasted a vintage that produced a more compelling and vivid set of wines or offered such remarkable consistency from appellation to appellation and producer to producer in all areas of this expansive winegrowing region." James Molesworth, Wine Spectator 11/12.

By both the North and South of the Rhone garnering overall vintage scores of 98 points, this means the 2010 Vintage is the Greatest Ever for the Rhone Valley and the highest rated vintage by Wine Spectator ever, north and south.

Many of you have been listening to us and scooping up these wines as they became available, but if for some reason you have been holding back or just not sure…do not delay any longer! This vintage is fantastic and the production is staggering low in this vintage. Waiting will only result in missing out; you need to make sure you secure your favorites today.

Chin, Chin,