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Greatest Beaucastel Yet?!

Year-in-year-out we all have come to expect a very good wine from Chateau du Beaucastel. In top notch vintages we have come expect pretty hefty scores from The Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Rhone Report. The consistency of this estate is unparalleled and it's ability to remain the dominant producer of the Southern Rhone Valley is in-part due to the ownership of over 1,000 acres planted under vine, but more importantly in the meticulous and exacting care the Perrin family dedicates to their land. The Beaucastel portfolio possibilities are endless, but what remains unchanged is the quality of their Chateauneuf du Pape.
We've already seen massive scores dropping left and right across the board for 2010 Rhone Vintage with the Wine Spectator eluding that this is the Greatest One Overall Yet! Plus Marc Perrin of Beaucastel has already declared the '10 vintage PERFECT...
So allow me to reitterate - The demand never ceases, the wine is always excellent, and the scores are always there... how do you think a "perfect” vintage will play out?

Looking back over the top vintages in recent years this is the Chateau du Beaucastel track record with Wine Spectator: 2009-96pts, 2007-96pts, 2006-95pts, 2005-96pts, 2004-96pts. Are you noticing a trend here? The wine in noteworthy vintages is constantly a 96 on the Wine Spectator 100 point scale. Plus James Molesworth has already given us a huge tease in a blog in posted on Wine Spectator.com earlier this year:

"The 2010 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape is just being bottled now. The sample was drawn from a tank with the final blend. Aromatically, it's the purest Beaucastel I've ever experienced, with a gorgeous beam of red currant and red cherry fruit, followed by intense lavender, bitter cherry, clove-studded blood orange, iron and sanguine notes which ripple seamlessly through the finish. This is a wine built on cut, rather than power, with the fruit persistent to the very end offset every step of the way by its minerality. It's very intense without any heaviness, with remarkable freshness and purity. It has the depth of the 2005, the cut of the 2001 and its own dimensions of purity, balance and length. It is clearly classic in quality and is easily among the elite vintages that Beaucastel has ever produced.” James Molesworth Wine Spectator Rhone Critic June 25, 2010 posted on winespectator.com blog Stirring the Lees with James Molesworth.
Wine Spectator has been championing the 2010 vintage overall awarding HUGE scores and commentary. As a result we can only expect that Chateau du Beaucastel with be one of the finest wines of the vintage in the Wine Spectator's opinion. This being said, we have decided not to wait for the Wine Spectator press to break on this beauty as it may just be too late. For all we know this wine is destined to their Top 100 Wines of the Year and if that happens it will be gone in a flash. Especially since the Rhone Report has only further confirmed Mr. Molesworth's Blog post by awarding the wine a sensational 96 point review!

Reserve your bottles today as the wine is due to our warehouse in mid-November and by then everyone might be searching for this gem.
Chin, Chin,