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We’re The 1st Kids On The Block To Offer This Huge Scoring Tuscan!

We’re The 1st Kids On The Block To Offer This Huge Scoring Tuscan!

Ever since August 29th I have been bugging one of my best suppliers and sounding a bit like a broken record,

"Did you get it yet? Do you have you allocation numbers? When will you know? How much will it cost? Tell me, tell me, tell me?"
I am VERY happy to announce that the squeaky wheel got the grease!
On August 29th James Suckling released his list of "Top 100 New Super Tuscans In 2012". The top of the list had quite a few of the "usual suspects" in it (Sassicaia, Guado Al Tasso, Solaia, Ornellaia, etc. etc.). But mixed in with all of these big boys was a hot new wine that does not carry a "Big boy price tag". We just started working with the Renieri estate in 2012 and have had huge success with their Brunellos and are now only expecting more great things since we locked in on our allocation of this:

James Suckling Review 

Although this wine is not scheduled to be here until February, with a price tag 1/5th of what the Big Boys get and a similar review we anticipate pre-selling EVERY BOTTLE of this wine...Point Made?! A few weeks back we offered a very similar deal on the high-scoring Inversus (Casaloste)...there is still a little left from this deal.
I am pre-selling this wine at a "1st Kids On The Block" price as the estate owner (Marco Bacci) will be here in the store next Friday afternoon pouring wines for our clients and I would love to tell him our allocation has come and gone...could we PLEASE have more.
Please ACT FAST on this one, the price/quality ratio is phenomenal for Tuscany and is sure to SELL OUT.
All my best,