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 Harmonious Embrace! Styles Mesh in Under-$20 White

Harmonious Embrace! Styles Mesh in Under-$20 White

Two differing styles in perfect harmony...beautiful, isn’t it?

There are two fairly distinct styles of Sauvignon Blanc popular in the world market today. The first is a more “traditional style” frequently seen in the Loire Valley, especially Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume – bright citrus fruit, lean and teeming with bright acidity and minerality, pairing beautifully with fish and white meat dishes. The second is the “modern style” made popular by Napa Valley and New Zealand – fuller-bodied with green vegetable and grapefruit/guava flavors, creamy texture, and made to be consumed as an aperitif or alongside cocktails.

Both sides undeniably have their appeal, and I’ve been known to purchase and enjoy both of them on a fairly regular basis. So when we tried this one, we were utterly confused. Citrus and melon screamed New Zealand, while zesty cut and minerality said Loire Valley...this was the perfect marriage of the traits that Sauvignon Blanc lovers seek out in their wines.

But where was it from? Some hotter part of the Loire Valley? A vineyard in Marlborough with especially rocky, sandy soil?

No, and no. Turns out this one was from somewhere totally random and unexpected.


The country frequently referred to as the “Crossroads of the Old and New Worlds” has turned out a wine that is exactly that. “Match Made in Heaven”, “Best of Both Worlds”, “Ideal Pairing”, or whatever you want to call it, this versatile wine from South Africa has something for everybody! And for $17.99, a price lower than that of most comparable Sauvignon Blancs, this quality offering has value to go with it. Whether it’s for dinner or for the holidays, now is the best time to stock up on Downes!