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90pt Value Shiraz “Rolling” Your Way  

90pt Value Shiraz “Rolling” Your Way 

The Land Down Under is on its way back up!

In recent months, Australian wine brands never before seen in the United States have been emerging. Many of the wines are unique, well-crafted, and highly drinkable. Unfortunately, far too many of us are still shrugging off the effects of one-too-many mass-marketed, oversaturated, oaky, jammy Australian wines frequently sold in bars and wine shops. They’ve created a “cloud of negativity” that has engulfed even the good ones, and it’s been rough going even for quality Australian wine recently.

The damage is done, but is it permanent? For us the answer is a resounding “NO!”


Before we get to the good stuff, I should explain something about Bendigo, a delineated region north of Melbourne in the state of Victoria. Despite its distance from the sea, the climate is Mediterranean and the soil is sandy and quick-draining, remarkably similar to that of the southern Rhone valley. The grapes and yields are small, resulting in incredibly deep and rich wines. And this is one of them.

At first glance, we weren’t entirely sure what to expect from this Shiraz from a little-known wine producing region of Australia. But it tasted great, the press was good, and the price was right. The only thing we still needed to know was “How soon can we get it?”

Deliciously full-bodied and easy-drinking yet complex and nuanced, Water Wheel Shiraz is a quality offering that fights well above its weight class. In stock and selling for less than $15, THIS should be everyone’s go-to Australian wine from now on.

The future of Australian wine looks bright, as we see more and more interesting wines from new wineries landing on U.S. shores. This is the start of something great!