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 "Electric" Under-$20 Red Gets the Credit it Deserves!

"Electric" Under-$20 Red Gets the Credit it Deserves!

When we first tasted the Mendel Winery’s Lunta Malbec 2010, we came away impressed. This value red contained such purity of fruit and excellent structure, but needed just a little bit more time to age in the bottle. Showing well even in its infant stage, we simply could not let someone else grab it up. So we took as much as we could, knowing that in just a few months the wine would mature and show even better, and become an absolute treat.

A re-taste told us what we suspected – this wine is drinking very, very well. And now it has the press to back it up.


We loaded up on this wine because of its potential. Now it is absolutely singing in the glass. Described accurately as "Untamed", "Powerful", and of course, "Electric", this is a hedonistic wine that delivers on so many levels…especially on value! Malbec this good at this price point simply does not happen often!