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 Parker "A staggering value" 90pt only $8.75

Parker "A staggering value" 90pt only $8.75

Does it get any better than this?!

Great wine at a great price!!!

The 2011 Zestos just might be one of the best values we are offering all year at only $8.75 per bottle (for a case it is only $105).

Robert Parker made it his mission over the summer to seek out and taste some exceptional values. Clearly Spain was the hands down winner of any country, as there are more 90 to 94 point reviews under $25 than any other category.

However, this wine takes the cake at under $10 per bottle!!! The release price according to the Wine Advocate is $10 per bottle, but at Zachys we are able to bring you this beauty for only $8.75 per bottle!

Can you tell we are getting EXTREMLEY EXCITED about this new arrival?!?!

Wine Advocate Review

This wine is due to our warehouse the first week of November and the only way to ensure you will have it in time for Thanksgiving or December is to place your order now for a case or more. Remember at only $8.75 per bottle, a case of this wine is only $105.00.

Chin, Chin,