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 007 Bollinger 98pts: James Bond's Bubbly

What Makes Bollinger James Bond’s Choice?

If I were James Bond, I have to assume that Bollinger would be my choice for the quality and price.

Bollinger is one of the very few Champagne Houses to own almost 100% of their vineyards. Thus controlling everything from start to finish. That's what leads to the consistent quality of Bollinger for all cuvees and the harmonious nature across the range. Secondly, Bollinger is quite the robust style. With body and texture, rich overtones yet a refined elegance to it. Remind you of anyone...maybe Bond himself. Third, it is an iconic wine of great character and prestige. Fourth, the value. Bollinger's Special Cuvee might not be the least expensive entry level non-vintage Champagne but quality wise it is the most consistent and one that clearly delivers every time. The Grande Annee is not only vintage specific but also one of the finest Tete de Cuvee Champagnes produced and frankly the one that represents the greatest value at under $100 per bottle! Since we know Mr. Bond enjoys his bubbles and all reports on what an MI6 agents take home pay is...we know frugality is a necessity for life as the Queen's Top Spy.

In all seriousness...quality and price there is no other comparison amongst the top big name Champagne Houses.

Chin, Chin,