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Dom Perignon 2003

From Andy Warhol to David Lynch: Dom Perignon Limited Edition Bottles!

For the past two years, Champagne Dom Perignon has offered a Limited Edition Andy Warhol Collection of Dom Perignon. With the new release of the 2003 vintage of Dom Perignon, the Limited Edition Collection has been handed over to Director David Lynch.

David Lynch is one of America’s most unique and iconic filmmakers, known for surrealist films and television. His work spans from cult classic films of Eraserhead and The Elephant Man to the likes of Dune, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive not to mention his television masterpiece, Twin Peaks (and the later movie.) In addition to his film and television work, David Lynch is also a screenwriter, musician and painter. Thus, how we have come full circle back to Dom Perignon.

After the hugely popular Limited Edition 2000 and 2002 Bottles in an homage to the late Andy Warhol, Champagne Dom Perignon approached David Lynch to create a Limited Edition design for the release of the highly acclaimed 2003 vintage. The concept being something unique in striking that would complement the idea behind the Warhol bottles yet relay and convey the great risk, creativity and reward of producing a 2003 vintage Dom Perignon.

2003 was not a widely declared vintage amongst the Champagne Houses, but Dom Perignon felt there was something special and unique to be had. The result is a very powerful Dom Perignon that relies more on Pinot Noir than Chardonnay. Yielding of course power but a more intriguing and unique aromatics in comparison to the 2002 for instance. This is a wine that is built to last and as Antonio Galloni of the Wine Advocate points out, this is destined to be an iconic Champagne.

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