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 Just Left the Winery: Top 100 Bound?!

Just Left the Winery: Top 100 Bound?!

We just got word this morning that a fantastic little 90 point Chardonnay has just officially left the West Coast bound for New York, and another is already on the road.

The wines in question are the 2010 Indian Wells Chardonnay from Chateau Ste Michelle and the 2010 H3 Chardonnay from Columbia Crest.

Two of the more consistent Chardonnays from the West Coast, the Ste Michelle group who also owns and operate Columbia Crest, has created a global name for themselves as high quality—value oriented Chardonnay producers. Additionally, Chateau Ste Michelle and Columbia Crest combined, over the past ten years has landed 13 wines in the Wine Spectator Top 100 with a Wine of the Year Honor in 2009. We are talking about an average of at least one wine every year in the Wine Spectator Top 100. No, not all of their wines have been Chardonnays, but for 2012 when looking at all the press that Ste Michelle and Columbia Crest are receiving it looks like one, if not two, of their Chardonnays are Top 100 Bound!

The Indian Wells Chardonnay just left the winery today and is expected at arrive to our warehouse around the first of October. The H3 Chardonnay is already on the road and expected to arrive at our warehouse before the end of this month. By the first week of October, these two VALUE oriented Chardonnays are going to be in-stock and ready to go.

But don’t wait for them to be here. Place your order now and be sure to have these wines sooner than later.

Chin, Chin,