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Certified Delicious – Organic wines from Bonterra Vineyards, with Monique Mancini
Saturday, October 20th | In-store | 12-4pm

“Bonterra didn’t invent organic grape growing, it perfected it.” - Wine Enthusiast magazine

The organic revolution continues to spread, and it’s easy to see why it has caught on with so many people. With the emphasis we are placing on long-term health and well-being these days, an increasing number of people don’t want artificial ingredients or chemicals in their food or drink. Why shouldn’t this apply to wine as well?

Modern-day conveniences like fertilizers and pesticides have provided wineries with an easy way to increase yields. But Mendocino County’s Bonterra Vineyards has focused first and foremost on making quality wine. This 100% certified organic winery would be the first to tell you that a grape needs just water, soil, sun, and warmth to grow, so why throw extra ingredients into that simple mix? The next time you’re having an all-organic meal, grab an all-organic wine to pair with it!