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Chave Hermitage Only $75!!!  

Chave Hermitage Only $75!!!

Chave Hermitage is one of those legendary wines. From exceptional vintages to off vintages, the wines of Jean-Louis Chave are highly sought after and truly exceptional no matter the vintage.

A few years ago, Jean-Louis developed a second Hermitage called Farconnet for one of his friends in the UK (we won’t hold that against him.) The wine was based on young vines that he did not want to put into the domaine bottling, even though the vines were 100% domaine. This is something that Jean-Louis has done in the past, remember the Betts & Scholl Hermitage? We are talking about the same source here.

Now with the vines ageing and the production more stable, Jean-Louis is taking these young estate vines and producing the Hermitage Farconnet. 2007 is the debut of the Farconnet JL Chave Selection and the wine is based on these younger vines of Domaine Chave as well as some great tiny old growers that he has been able to contract with. The result is a great drinking Hermitage that shows extremely well now and has the potential to age.

Plus the bonus here is that this is an Hermitage that only cost $75 per bottle!!! Well under the $200 to $500 per bottle that Chave Hermitage is going for these days.

WS Review

We have a limited amount of stock on hand with a handful of cases yet to arrive. But ever since the Wine Spectator’s October 15th issue arrived this wine has been flying out of here. At only $75 for Chave Hermitage and a stellar 93 point review this wine really begins to look like a no brainer. AND don’t forget as much as we all loved the Domaine Chave Hermitage 2007, the Wine Spectator only rated that at 95 points...so the 93 point 2007 Farconnet Hermitage really is a steal in comparison!

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