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 Top 100 “Re-Load”!

Top 100 “Re-Load”!

Good Morning,

If I have learned anything from my 19 years at Zachys it is that you should never assume anything in the wine business.

On Saturday, I was alerted by my sales staff that we sold our last bottles of a Wine Spectator Top 100 Wine from 2011 that we have sold gangbusters for the last 6-9 months.

Top 100 “Re-Load”! 

I assumed the wine must be long sold out with the importer. Clearly that was where I was wrong! After some back-n-forth emails on Saturday, I learned they still have some remaining stocks so there was only one thing for me to do.


We have more coming tomorrow, and at under $20/Bottle, I imagine my sales staff will be all over this wine again.

I learned my lesson...never assume. (Also, this wine was also a total favorite of The Wine Advocate as well...check it out!!!)

All my be