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Hot Off the Press: Massive Scores In Wine Advocate

Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate was released on Friday.

The issue is full of MASSIVE SCORES!

We are still sorting through everything as there is plenty to work through. But first up that we can offer immediately and is already in-stock are these great wines from Antonio Galloni’s Central Coast Reviews.

There is Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Rhone Rangers in the mix with scores up to 97+ points!

The producers in this offer include:

The Hilt, which is one of my new favorite producers for Pinot Noir is a project to watch from the guys behind Jonata. The Old Guard 2009 Pinot Noir is quite possibly one of the most striking California Pinot Noirs I have tasted all year!

Paul Lato is a property we started to offer you last year with his knock-out 2009s. The 2010s are equally impressive if not better. Once again there is high scoring Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs and Antonio Galloni is calling Paul Lato “from one of California-s hottest under-the-radar producers.”

Epoch is new to the scene but from the get go has turned out wines that have caught the attention of Robert Parker and Antonio Galloni. With scores constantly at 94 points this is another Rhone inspired property that is on the rise.

Booker Vineyards is quite possibly the sleeper of the Rhone inspired vintners. With Sine Qua Non, Saxum and Alban all soaking up the spotlight, Booker has been under the radar. However the wines when reviewed by Robert Parker and Antonio Galloni have always scored on parr with the big three of Rhone Rangers. In this issue, Booker is tied for the highest rated Rhone inspired wine of the issue at 97+ points!

All wines are in-stock but quantities are limited.

You need to act fast as these are sure to disappear within the next day or so. If not within the next hour!!!

Chin, Chin,