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 Jaw-dropping Deal on Quality Italian Red

Jaw-dropping Deal on Quality Italian Red

We are always seeking high quality wines to sell at Zachys. That is simply what we do, and we pride ourselves on the feedback we receive from satisfied customers. “That wine you sold me was GREAT!” - That’s the sort of thing we live for!

It’s good enough to provide quality wine for discriminating palates, but when we’re able to provide a fantastic value as well? Well, that’s just icing on the cake.

Enter Cetamura Coltibuono Chianti 2011. When Andrew uncovered this gem, my jaw dropped.

From Ian D’Agata of the International Wine Center:

IWC Review

You’re thinking “OK, I’m sure the wine is great. Good score, good review...what’s the catch? What could have possibly made your jaw drop?”

Get ready for this: We are offering this wine out at $9.50 per bottle.

Kindly pick your jaw up off the floor and continue reading!

This is one of those wines that truly has it all: high quality with versatility and wide appeal, and available at an utterly fantastic price. We’re talking about an under-$10 red with quality comparable to wines more than TRIPLE the price.

There are many great values on wines from Tuscany, but this Chianti puts even those to shame! Wine of this quality and value is sure to fly out the door (some of my colleagues are likely locking in for their cases as you read this). As the temperatures begin to dip, I can’t think of a better go-to red wine than this one!