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 The FRIDAY LOSS LEADER is back!!!


Today we have a selection of 40 plus wines that are fantastic and need a new home beyond our warehouse! The new vintage or other stocks are arriving next month and we simply just must make space. So we have taken these items crunched the numbers and completed an internet market survey to bring you the lowest possible price we can on these fantastic wines. In doing so we have discounted wines up to 60% off our regular prices to make them the best the prices in the country or a very close match (we are talking pennies of a difference!)

With 40 plus wines at the BEST PRICE in the Country for 3 DAYS ONLY this is the weekend to stock up at Zachys.

These prices are only valid for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Unlike many of our other Loss Leader promotions, this offer does not require a minimum number of bottles to qualify for these prices. However with prices slashed to these low of levels, picking up a case or two is easily doable!

Plus you can just go ahead and place your order below! Of course our Customer Service Team is also available at cs@zachys.com or 800.723.0241.

To see the complete list of wines in this FRIDAY LOSS LEADER all you need to do is view our Downloadable PDF or look below.

Remember this offer ends Sunday at 11:59pm EST or while supplies last. As we are making room, when these wines are gone that is it—no more! And with prices slashed up to 60% off of our regular price, making these the best prices in the country...

We don’t expect to have anything left from this offer!!!

Chin, Chin,

PS: This offer even includes a 99 point wine!

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