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Mass Production – Mass Appeal – Minimal Price 

Mass Production – Mass Appeal – Minimal Price

It’s one thing when you produce a wine in teeny tiny quantities and get good reviews from the press. It’s an ENTIRELY different thing altogether when you can produce in the tens of thousands and get the respect from Wine Spectator, James Suckling and Wine Advocate.

The Antinori family has done just that with their workhorse red Toscana Villa Antinori Red:

Wine Spectator Review

Rarely does a mass-production wine have the quality and depth to drink this well for over a decade. It’s safe to say: this is a familiar label that actually lives up to the hype! And at a hefty 29% off the release price, we don’t see this staying in our store for long!

Lock in for your bottles now, and see what the entire world is raving about!!!

Watch the video below of me tasting this superb value red!

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