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 Forget What “They” Say It Should Cost!!!

Forget What “They” Say It Should Cost!!!

I have learned quite a few things about “market price” over the last few years of challenging economic times. Quite often there is a delta of what the winery/critics think a wine should sell for and what the market is actually willing to pay for it.

There is no better example than these delicious new Portuguese arrivals here to the store...each selling from 39-66% below the published release prices. We made a very strong argument to the producer that better to over deliver with your premier vintages in the market and keep them wanting more.

Here’s your chance to scoop up some great reds for the Fall that TOTALLY over deliver at these price points.

Grab them while they last because this one was a “one shot deal”

The margin of difference between The Wine Advocate’s “Current (Release Cost)” and the Zachys “Market Price” are real eye poppers!!! How can you not load up.

All my best

Wine Advocate