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Bordeaux, Jazz and Drastically Reduced Prices

Bordeaux, Jazz and Drastically Reduced Prices

I just got back from a wonderful and relaxing time in Bordeaux with my wife. We, of course, mixed business with pleasure, but a nice part of this trip was kicking back and enjoying the company of my wife and our good friends in Bordeaux. Part of the R&R plans included attending the St. Emilion Jazz Festival. Any time there’s a combination of fine wine, music and friends, I’m a happy guy. So needless to say this was a great week.
Well, as the music washed over me I was overwhelmed with the realization that learning to LOVE JAZZ, is a lot like learning to LOVE WINE. To some it is a natural process, to others a challenge, with 2 key points that must always be considered.
1st point: Face-value: Often a listener is not able to immediately make sense of the performance, and for some, this is a source of great delight. Finding an appreciation for the ambiguous nature of jazz requires one to suspend their interpretive process, stop looking for structures in memory by which to make sense of the performance and just accept it at the moment. As a professional in the wine-industry I am tasked with this challenge every April when in Bordeaux en primeur. The wines in naissance are much like a pickup Jazz performance, all tonal sequences – acids, tannins, fruit, alcohol levels – are pulled together in a meaningful predefined structure, but how the wine evolves naturally is a source of beauty, exhilaration and creative freedom. We learn to accept the wine at face value and trust our instincts to predict the harmonious progression of the wine.
2nd Point: Predictability vs. Impulse: Pleasure in listening to jazz comes from the ability to predict the harmony and make sense of the improvised notes within a familiar tune and set of improvisational rules. Some like their music to be highly predictable, some like it less so, but most want it to make enough sense that the experience feels organic and pleasurable. Knowing when to wail on the sax or change tempo is a lot like knowing when to pull the cork on a bottle of wine. I know that my 1995’s are drinking beautifully but it’s trusting the impulse to pull the cork on a 2007 that makes life exciting.
So long story short, I’m in a sentimental mood and aching for a groovy little beat and glass of singing Bordeaux. To your benefit I’ve decided to ride this impulse and offer out over 70 wines of Bordeaux with discounts up to 65%. This is one unbeatable (pun intended) summer clearance sale.
PS: I have included the quantity available as sometimes it is very small. Please act quickly as some items will sell out very fast.


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Bellefont Belcier 2007 (750ML) Product #151892 FR Flag In Stock
Bellefont Belcier 2007 (750ML) Bellefont Belcier 2007 (750ML)
"Aromas of milk chocolate and berries follow through to a medium body, with fine tannins and a solid core of delicious fruit. There's impressive ... more >
Bottle Price: $39.99
Case Price: $479.88