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Colin Derger

One of Burgundy's Great Historic Domaines...

Domaine Michel Colin-Deleger is one of Burgundy's Great Historic Domaines. Today the domaine is only three wines as the majority of the domaine has been divided between Bruno and Philippe Colin.

However, Michel was not ready to hang it all up just yet and along with the assistance of his son, Bruno, Michel turns out three extremely compelling wines, vintage after vintage. The 2010 vintage for the whites of the Cote de Beaune is a fantastic one! The vintage is a whole has garnered great praise with the Burghound calling 2010 a “Great Classic Vintage.”

The Domaine Colin-Deleger wines are text book examples of the 2010 Vintage that have received rave reviews in the latest issue of the Burghound. These are "don’t miss wines" that the Burghound has called “outstanding.”

Chin, Chin,