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"Who needs Champagne when Cava can be as good as this?"

"Who needs Champagne when Cava can be as good as this?"

"Raventos I Blanc produce a clutch of excellent Cavas and in the case of "De Nit," one of the finest I encountered during my tastings." Neal Martin the Wine Advocate 4/12.

Raventos I Blanc is one of the finest producers of Cava. Their wines have been garnering top praise for years.

The new Wine Advocate is out and it is no surprise that in the Cava reviews that Raventos I Blanc once again has turned out some of the finest examples of Spain's "Champagne."

The one wine that I wanted to draw your attention to immediately is the de Nit, a limited production Vintage Rose Cava that frankly rivals the best of Champagne. There is not much more to say. Just check out this marvelous commentary from Neal Martin of the Wine Advocate.

Act fast, we could only secure about a dozen cases of this beauty and then that is it until the next Vintage.

Chin, Chin,