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 Reserva Quality Under $20

Reserva Quality Under $20 w/ Dueling 90pts!

As a Spanish Wine Lover you know that many of the press went and crowned Spain the “King of Values.”

Then there was the boom…a big boom. Spanish wine started flooding into the USA from every which way.
Many of it good, some of it exceptional and of course some of it less so.

Today’s wine is a reminder of what made Spanish wine just only a few years ago so exciting.

The quality of this Rioja is very good, some will say excellent. When you factor in the price the wine appears to be a down right steal for under $20 especially as this is a designated Reserva Rioja. 

You know that it takes more time to produce a Reserva Rioja and the care and attention paid to this wine was greater in the winery. That’s why it is almost impossible to find Reserva Rioja today under $20. The Izadi is one of those expectations and exhibits a purity of Tempranillo that many of us have come to love in Rioja. Sourced from vines whose average age is 60+ years old it is amazing that this wine is only $16.95 per bottle.