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 Storing your Bordeaux has never been easier.

We are very pleased to announce that we have established a Professional & Monitored Wine Storage capabilities in Bordeaux.

Zachys and New York Fine Wine Storage have established Bonded Storage capabilities within Bordeaux to facilitate the growing demand from YOU to leave your wine in storage in Bordeaux.
Bordeaux Future Purchases* from the 2009 and 2010 Vintages can be delivered directly to this secured storage facility and placed in storage for you without shipping to the USA.

Plus moving forward, any purchases that you are making on stock offers out of Bordeaux can also be sent and stored in these ideal conditions.

This state of the art facility is meticulously maintained. Temperature is maintained at a constant 60.8 F and the facility is secured with infrared security cameras in conjunction with a volumetric detection system.

Your wine placed in storage will be insured against theft, fire, water damage etc...
The wines will be insured at replacement price, assessed every three months on the basis of the Bordeaux market prices.

All cases once entered into storage will have a bar code number assigned.

Additional services are available upon request, for example: photographs of the case and contents, opening of cases to verify goods etc...

Storing your Bordeaux has never been easier.

This is the perfect way to Store Your Wines in Ideal Conditions. 

Eliminating unnecessary transportation of your wine until you decide when and where the
final destination is to be.

Storing your Bordeaux has never been easier.

For more information on Storing your wines in Bordeaux
Please contact Daniel Fermin at info@nyfws.com or by calling 914.723.5798.