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Grappa Vespaiolo J. Poli (375ML) IT Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Grappa Vespaiolo J. Poli (375ML)
"Since 1898 ... almost 100 years ago. This is a very long time that our family has been totally dedicated to distillation. In the beginning of the century in Italy there were 200,000 functioning stills while today only 113 remain. I ask myself why we haven't disappeared from the market like so many others. Perhaps because quality is always our first concern. Or is it the faithful copper still that we continue to use today? It may be only that we love our craft ... And it could simply be good fortune. One thing remains certain. You above all deserve credit. For an entire century you have appreciated the fruit of our labor." -Jacopo Poli.
Product #: 58222

Bottle Price: $75.00
Case Price: $1,800.00

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