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Binyamina Yogev Cabernet Shiraz 2013 (750ML) IL Flag In Stock
Binyamina Yogev Cabernet Shiraz  2013 (750ML)
"Binyamina Winery was established in 1952 by Joseph Zeltzer, who immigrated to Israel with a burning desire to produce wine as he did in the country of his birth, Hungary. The winery originally produced sweet wines, simple table wines and liqueurs. As all winegrowers at the time were bound to the Carmel Mizrahi cooperative, it was David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, himself who intervened on behalf of Mr. Zeltzer, and a law was passed that allowed him to receive a small amount of grapes for wine production. The winery was mainly known for its quality liqueurs and brandy produced under the Hard Nut Liqueur label, in honor of Ben Gurion who was famously known as a “hard nut to crack”. Movie production executives purchased the winery at the beginning of the 1990s and gained full control in 1996. They immediately invested enormous resources into it, transforming Binyamina into one of Israel’s leading wineries." Winery
Product #: 409126

Bottle Price: $16.99
Case Price: $203.88