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Royal Tokaji Single Vineyard Aszu Collectors Case 2007 HU Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Royal Tokaji Single Vineyard Aszu Collectors Case 2007
6 Bottle Assorted Collectors Case of the Royal Tokaji 2007 Single Vineyards, including 1 bottle of each: -Nyulaszo (NYR) -Gold Label 6 Puttonyos Aszu (90W&S) "This is a satin orb of roasted pear flavor, as smooth, sweet and concentrated as a marron glacé. It’s plush and quiet, with an earthy smokiness rising through the fruit that references the region’s volcanic soils...90" W&S 12/12 -Betsek (94W&S) "Rather than an essence of fruit, this reads as the evocation of a place—a patch of black volcanic soil southeast of the Szt. Tamás vineyard. It’s incredibly savory for a wine with so much residual sugar, more pumpkin than peach in flavor with a dark, earthy smokiness. The broad beeswax texture and black pepper–cardamom spice place it with roast goose and spiced fruit stuffing...94" W&S 12/12 -Birsalmas (91W&S) "From a loam-heavy vineyard on the edge of Mád, named for a former quince orchard, this feels light and lifted, with lemony fruit and an energetic buzz of acidity. The floral and herbal notes reinforce its sunny, summery flavors and give it detail, but most arresting is its lip-smacking balance of fruit and acidity...91" W&S 12/12 -Szt. Tamas (93W&S) "From a vineyard of red volcanic soils on a slope behind the winery, this is a shade darker than any other vineyard bottling in the 2007 lineup, with firm, pronounced minerality in its flavor. The balance of earthy savor and honeycomb richness makes it particularly succulent, each sip begetting an urge for another even as the flavors stick to the palate...93" W&S 12/12 -Mezes Maly (92W&S) "Loess soils are said to give lighter Tokaji than those from volcanic earth, a theory proven out in this 2007. It shines with bright apricot flavor filigreed with fine, lacey floral notes and sparkling acidity. It feels vivacious as well as firm and focused, ready for anything from a triple-crème cheese to apricot strudel...92" W&S 12/12
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Item Price: $625.00

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