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Bianco Favorita Fallegro Gagliardo 2012 (750ML) IT Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Bianco Favorita Fallegro Gagliardo 2012 (750ML)
"100% Favorita from estate-owned vineyards located in the Roero near Monticello d’Alba. Fallegro is a proprietary name combining the grape name Favorita (AKA Vermentino or Pigato) and allegro,meaning cheerful in Italian. Fallegro is wonderfully aromatic with bright and clean aromas of acacia and citrus. The palate is fresh, crisp and irefreshingly dry. This is a remarkably versatile white wine." "The wine is officially a Vino da Tavola. As such, no vintage is allowed on the label. There is a lot number on the back of each bottle in which the first two digits indicate the vintage, while the second two digits indicate the bottling. So Lot # 1203 would be the third bottling of the 2012 vintage." Producer notes
Product #: 377588

Bottle Price: $14.99
Case Price: $179.88