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Sage Art in the Age Garden Spirit (90WE) (750ML) US Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Sage Art in the Age Garden Spirit (90WE) (750ML)
"Is this an herbal liqueur or a sweetened gin? It has elements of both. The aroma is sweet, lightly herbal and citrusy, yet the relatively clean, not-too-sweet flavor displays armloads of juniper, sage, white pepper and other botanicals. It’s also a bit more viscous than the typical gin. Certified organic by the USDA and Oregon Tilth...90" WE 11/13 This spirit is based on the post-colonial, pre-industrial tradition of "garden gin," a homemade liquor that is steeped in herbs from the garden, to individual taste. Like those garden spirits, Sage is not technically a gin – it doesn't have the requisite juniper – but instead it has a crisp, clear spirit steeped in angelica, fennel, licorice root, and pine, as well as elderberry, lavender, spearmint, and rosemary. Can be enjoyed neat or in a simple cocktail.
Product #: 376748

Bottle Price: $34.99
Case Price: $419.88

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