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Catskill Distillery Peace Wheat Vodka (750ML) US Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Catskill Distillery Peace Wheat Vodka (750ML)
Catskills Peace Wheat Vodka is an appealingly complex, intensely grainy (almost akin to Wheat Thin crackers) and sweeter than the bouquet; midpalate plays more on the viscosity aspect as the texture turns chewy and buttery, but there's also a dash of minerality just before the finish that's earthy and dusty. Aftertaste has elements of cocoa bean and high cocoa content dark chocolate that almost make it a flavored vodka. A far cry from ethereal likes of of Scandinavian vodkas and more in the robust vein of Poland or Russia, from the days when Russia made good vodka.
Product #: 375626

Bottle Price: $25.99
Case Price: $311.88