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Clan Denny Vatted Malt Scotch Islay (750ML) UNKNOWN Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Clan Denny Vatted Malt Scotch Islay (750ML)
Doulgas Laing & Company is an independent company located in Glasgow, Scotland. They are scotch blender rather than distiller, which means they buy different single malt and grain whiskies and blend them for specific flavor profiles that suit their markets and tastes. It is named for Fred Douglas and Stewart Laing, who founded the company in 1948. Clan Denny is a line of vatted malt whisky made by the Douglas Laing company. Apparently, it was invented for Taiwanese client whose English name was "Dennis" and whose label eventually became "Clan Denny." The result was a series of vatted malt scotch whisky specializing in different regions of Scotland. Clan Denny Vatted Malt from Islay is a blend of the turbulent, sal-sea air and peat reak scotch whisky from Islay--four in total. They are equally proud of the decanter like bottle that presents the scotch
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