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Zachys Special Barrel Selection Reposado (Herradura) Tequila (750ML) MX Flag In Stock
Zachys Special Barrel Selection Reposado (Herradura) Tequila (750ML)
94 Zachys Buying Team: A Zachys first. First ever unique Tequila blended for Zachys. Every bottle of Double Barrel Reposado begins with 100% blue agave tequila that is rested in toasted oak barrels for 11 months creating a smooth and inviting tequila. This tequila is then matured for an additional month in a brand new toasted oak barrel. Second barrel aging provides the tequila uncommon smoothness and complex flavor notes of cooked agave, dried fruits and sweet brown spice."
Product #: 373710

Bottle Price: $70.00Sale Bottle: $55.00
Case Price: $840.00Sale Case: $660.00

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