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Casa Noble Special Reserve Joven Tequila (750ml) MX Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Casa Noble Special Reserve Joven Tequila  (750ml)
We worked with a special batch choosing the agave piƱas individually, cooking them for 36 hours, and then doing the extraction with less water than usual to limit any external influence. Fermentation was 100% natural as always but when it came to distillation we brought it down to about 104 proof instead of our usual 110 (lost a couple of points in filling and bottling that is why it is 102 and not 104) an the temperature while distilling was raised very slowly as not to lose valuable aromas. Then for mellowing in wood we chose one of our best barrels 228 liter French White Oak made by Taransaud to mature it for a very short time, so it is a true 100% Joven, We left it at proof and it is not filtered so you will have a true character of the tequila, we wanted something very BIG and BOLD with agave notes with lots of flower notes like lime blossom, fruits notes such as cherries, lots of vegetal cooked agave, spices like white pepper, hints of honey sweetness to contrast... a lot d
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Bottle Price: $54.99
Case Price: $659.88