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Anestasia Gluten Free Vodka (750ML) US Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Anestasia Gluten Free Vodka (750ML)
Anestasia Vodka is produced in Bend, Oregon from organic, locally grown corn and spring water drawn from the Cascade Mountains. The ingredients are fermented and distilled five times. To ensure essential purity, the naturally gluten-free vodka is rigorously filtered through charcoal and crushed volcanic rock before being bottled at 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof). The vodka is infused with botanicals producing a bouquet of flavors reminiscent of mentha, vanilla orchid and cardamom. The result of such infusion is the mouth-cooling neutral spirit that is an original base for a classic cocktail as well as the smoothest spirit one can sip.
Product #: 370733

Bottle Price: $33.99
Case Price: $407.88