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Equipo Navazos La Bota de Color Viejisimo #33 NV (375ml) ES Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Equipo Navazos La Bota de Color Viejisimo #33 NV (375ml)
La Bota de Dulce is an extremely old wine, extracted from the best cask os a 3-cask Solera of Color Viejisimo at Almacenista Juan Garcia Jarana cellar building. It has not been touched along the previous decades. Its content is probably a blend of "vino de color" and very old oloroso, that has been aging for decades in an oxidative style of casks of 600l filled up to 5/6. The average age cannot be known accurately, but at any rate must be over 60 years, maybe over 80 years. This is a very old wine, suitable for simply sampling the aroma and drank in small sips, just licking your lips. Lots of concentration, dry matter and high acidity. Its 7 ounces of sugar squarely places it among the "Sweet" wine type but since its color has completely disappeared, the wine holds no officially recognized classification from the Jerez region. Age of Vines: 20-30 years, Farming: Sustainable
Product #: 363587

Bottle Price: $135.00
Case Price: $3,240.00

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