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Gelber Muskateller Smaragd Knoll 2010 (750ML) AT Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Gelber Muskateller Smaragd Knoll 2010 (750ML)
90-91 WA
"While I missed out on tasting the corresponding Federspiel, Knolls’ 2010 Gelber Muskateller Smaragd is not to be missed. A riot of floral perfume – orange blossom, elder, sage flower – soars from the glass; then joins fresh orange and apricot on a voluminous yet athletically and almost electrically-charged palate, with pungent lemon zest, white pepper, sage leaf, and peppermint leaving a slightly bitter but palate-staining and invigorating mark...90-91" WA 10/11
Product #: 359361

Bottle Price: $44.95Sale Bottle: $19.99
Case Price: $539.40Sale Case: $239.88

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