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Bourgogne Pascal Marchand 2010 (750ml) FR Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Bourgogne Pascal Marchand 2010 (750ml)
"Pascal Marchand ages each wine individually. There is no ready-made recipe to be applied to all wines every year. Each wine is different and must be nurtured in a different way, so as to help it express its full personality, drawn from its own terroir. Pascal Marchand observes, tastes, nurtures each wine throughout its ageing process, so as to make the best choices: the barrels that will enhance its expression, the best moment for racking, treading, stirring the lees, bottling... Pascal works within a global vision of nature – in line with biodynamic methods – thus taking into account various factors which have clear influence on wine: the weather, atmospheric pressure, lunar calendar...Just like the vine, which needs time to blossom and become mature enough to produce quality grapes, wine needs time to express itself. That's why the ageing process is so important, giving it time to build itself. And it is for the wine to decide when it is ready, free from all practical or economic considerations..." Winemakers notes
Product #: 354753

Bottle Price: $19.75
Case Price: $237.00

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