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Ridgemont 1792 Small Batch Bourbon (750ML) US Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Ridgemont 1792 Small Batch Bourbon (750ML)
This bourbon earned a score of 95 points, tying Pappy Van Winkle's 23 Year Old Bourbon, at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge in 2012. 1792 Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is made from a mash of corn, rye and malted barley. While the use of corn in the bourbon's recipe adds classic notes of buttered bread, biscuits and roasted nuts, the heavy use of rye in the bourbon's mashbill yields a more complex and full-bodied whiskey. After the grains are harvested, they are mashed and fermented before being distilled through a copper-pot still.Once the bourbon has matured for a minimum of eight years, it is brought to proof with water drawn from the Tom Moore spring. The iron-free, Kentucky limestone water - the same water used by Moore over a century ago when crafting his own whiskey - adds a subtle touch of complexity and depth to the bourbon.
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Bottle Price: $33.99
Case Price: $407.88