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Riedel Vintage Sommelier Champagne Glass UNKNOWN Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Riedel Vintage Sommelier Champagne Glass
Riedel recommends serving dry champagne in flutes, since these best bring out the fine aromas of the high-quality base wines from which it is made. Many wine-lovers unfortunately are quite unaware of this superb bouquet, since champagne is all too often served either in coupes or in glasses that are too small (and thus filled to the brim) - neither of which can convey any aromas at all. This flute, filled with four ounces of champagne, concentrates the unique, yeasty bouquet of great champagnes, while emphasising their creamy texture on the palate. The bubbles are not allowed to dominate, but are part of the overall pleasure. Recommended for: Champagne, Cuvée Prestige, Rosé Champagne, Vintage Champagne, Vintage Sparkling Wine.
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