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Big Peat Xmas Islay Blend Single Malt Scotch (750ML) UNKNOWN Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Big Peat Xmas Islay Blend Single Malt Scotch (750ML)
BIG PEAT - "Vatted" Islay Malt But what exactly, you may ask, is a Vatted Malt? It is what the Scotch Whisky industry has traditionally called “a marriage of Malts”. Such vattings often form the heart and soul of a blended scotch whisky (which carries the lighter tasting grain whisky , to soften matters). This vatting carries a big peaty (often called “phenolic”), beachy oceanic slightly ashy selection of Malts from the island of Islay, from where the Laing family hail - and no wonder! - as we have included Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila and Port Ellen in the "recipe". Ally these lusty and robust Malts selected for BIG PEAT with the fact that no chill filtration takes place – a more old fashioned traditional approach – and you will detect a massive amplification of the anticipated sea-faring qualities on the nose, palate, and finish. These are particularly appreciated when consumed leisurely in the same style these Malts have waited for you in the cold, dark and windswept warehouses of Islay.
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Bottle Price: $78.99
Case Price: $947.88

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