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Riesling Beerenauslese R.B. Rottland Carl Ehrhard 1989 (500ML) DE Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Riesling Beerenauslese R.B. Rottland Carl Ehrhard 1989 (500ML)
On some of the best vineyard ground in Rudesheim sits 10ha of old vines tended by Carl (jr.) and Petra Ehrhard. The winery was began 150yrs ago and since 1998 the couple has integrated traditional vineyard management with modern winemaking. This beeerenauslese was crafted by Carl's father and preserves his insistence on terrior driven wines, showing the ancient slate minerals through a lush texture of mature fruits. No riesling on the estate ever sees an oak barrel, which clearly explains the penetrating clarity and exact acids still so alive in this wine. High residual sugars have mellowed into a long full feel that finishes with a snap that wakes up the palate...begging for another go!
Product #: 340569

Bottle Price: $44.95Sale Bottle: $33.99
Case Price: $539.40Sale Case: $407.88

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