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Given Tequila Liqueur (750ML) MX Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Given Tequila Liqueur (750ML)
It is the unique blend of premium agave tequila (Jalisco Mexico), all natural lime juice (using whole limes in the maceration process) and Sauvignon Blanc grapes; handcrafted through an infusion process in the Cognac region of France. GIVEN is appreciated for its bold yet elegantly smooth taste and body. It was inspired by the desire to enhance the natural taste of tequila while adding more character and complexity. By incorporating the rich heritage of wine and cognac producing techniques and working with a distillery with over 150 years of experience. Makers Notes
Product #: 335472

Bottle Price: $40.00Sale Bottle: $25.00
Case Price: $480.00Sale Case: $300.00

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