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Compass Box Oak Cross single Malt Scotch (750ML) UNKNOWN Flag In Stock - Limited Qty
Compass Box Oak Cross single Malt Scotch (750ML)
"A blend of three different single malts. Its name derives from the fact that the whisky is aged in American oak bodies with French Oak heads (a cross of both oaks). There’s no age statement, but the whiskies are all older than ten years. This is a gentle, subtly complex, somewhat lithe, easy drinking whisky (and with less oak spice than its predecessor, The Spice Tree). People think whisky is an after-dinner drink, but I think this would make a great aperitif because of its delicate dry spice notes and light body. I’m picking up evenly-proportioned notes of vanilla and coconut, with more subtle notes of clove, anise, and delicate fruit, all wrapped up in a gentle, malty body. A very versatile whisky." (Vol. 16, #1) Reviewed by: John Hansell - Whisky Advocate
Product #: 165409

Bottle Price: $50.99Sale Bottle: $40.00
Case Price: $611.88Sale Case: $480.00

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