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10 Cane Rum (90-95WE) (50ml) UNKNOWN Flag In Stock
10 Cane Rum (90-95WE) (50ml)
Bringing together the finest ingredients the Carribbean has to offer: hand-cut sugar cane, rich soil, crystalline water, and radiant sunlight. First press cane juice, small batch double distillation, French oak barrel aging, and expert rum making craftmanship are the key elenets of 10 Cane. Through the addition of a touch of extra old Trinidadian rum, the blend is more versatile and exciting than ever. Makers Notes "A one- of-a-kind bouquet that includes aromas of cooked brown rice and broccoli, brown sugar, raw cane, brine, soy sauce and vanilla bean. The palate entry tastes of bittersweet sugar cane; at midpalate the taste becomes more sophisticated, silky, honey sweet and lightly spiced. Concludes nicely bittersweet, a bit cocoa-like, and beany...90-95" WE 12/05
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